Uganda’s Oil will Ready By 2020-Min. Muloni

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As Ugandans still wait, the Minister of Energy Irene Muloni has cleared the air waves and put it right that oil will be ready by 2020.

At the moment Uganda has no refinery and the big question in the public opinion is how oil will be refined.

There are also reports isnuating that the extraction of oil started 2 years back and the extracts are exported to unknowned destination.

In 2006, Uganda confirmed the existence of commercially viable petroleum reserves in the Western Rift Valley around Lake Albert. In June 2006, Hardman Resources of Australia discovered oil sands at Waranga 1, Waranga 2, and Mputa.

But the preliminary exploration period from 1927 to 1945 saw the reporting of oil seepages, drilling of Waki-B1 well 1937 by Anglo European Investment Company of South Africa and some small stratigraphic wells drilled in the areas of Kibiro and Kibuku based on oil seep observations. However, no commercial discoveries were made during that time.
Due to the World War II, Colonial Policy and later due to political uncertainties, the efforts stagnated between the years, 1945 to 1980.



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