I Was Kidnapped, Blindfolded And Taken To A Safe House

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As the country has been awashed by news of death threats to the Investigator Online Publication wokers, police has not yet comeout to give a word to claim despite the fact that claimers point fingers at them.

Todays morning the Investigator Columnist Egesa Ronald Leonard said was kidnapped by police operatives and taken to unknown place. On his account, he was arrested along Bombo Road by unknown operatives.

After midnight, a bulky figure only referred to as ‘afande’ appeared to interrogate me. In our exchange, he was pushing me to tell them who is using me and other journalists to fight Gen. Kale Kayihura and the Police. I politely asked him to go through my phone contacts and call log. After this, he simply remarked that it seems things are complicated. He stepped out, worked his phone and came back to ask if I wanted to leave.


There are very many unanswered question as to why journalists are hunted for their work.

We shall be updating you about the inscident


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